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On each project we deeply immerse in client’s business and come up with individual solutions of his/her tasks. We know how to implement a web-project which would present your business accessibly and offer up profit. With such a purpose we track the latest world trends in web design, analyze their effectiveness and use only forceful solutions for our customers’ projects. We analyze marketing strategy, learn peculiarities and specifics, work with emotions that would be eventually sold to the end user.

Our specialization is large web-projects - informational portals, cloud-based services or online stores. Large project's cost is from 15000$.

Every business has to be recognizable. Its visual decoration has to express the essence of your activity and mission. While developing corporate style we thoroughly study the area of your business operation in order to create modern image of successful company according to current trends. MGP design studio creates logos, advertising and promotional materials that work for your benefit and growth.

We can do particular works on individual programming for you. Ability to speak simply about complexities is very valuable skill. That is the way we treat programming. More simple and more accessible system performance is for a client, more successful we consider the project. Either it is programming from scratch or revision of existing CMS we care about the result - system’s competence to easily accomplish its tasks.

To create a web project is like to build a ship. To promote a website means to let it sail and gain maximum out of its work. Displaying the website on the first page of most popular search engines is only a part of the process. The core of proper site promotion is to make information reach the target audience. We care not only about huge traffic but also about the quality of website visitors.

The formula of web project effective lifecycle is simple - initially adjusted design and program segment plus proper support. We provide the full cycle of website performance considering variety of details - from reliable hosting, technical support and well-timed update selection to constant presence on the first pages of most popular search engines. MGP support means confidence in stable work and growth of your resource.

Web project creation process

At the very first meeting you are consulted by our business analyst who asks the right questions, offers solutions and answers to your questions.

Concept generation

For the search of creative solution we need nothing but clearly defined objective and vivid arty mind


We bring to life our think-ups, draw the design, make it cosy and understandable

Page-proofing and programming

We turn on left brain hemisphere and create html code, enroot it into control system, configure and program required functionality


Trust your brain but make verification. We provide multi-level project testing and bug fixing

Project release

Ready to work ? We launch the solution aimed to making profit

Resource evolution

There is no limit for perfection but there is a constant need. We provide resource promotion, support and analytics


Up to five different page types are developed for this class of websites. And these pages don’t contain non-standard functions. Several specialists are involved in creation of such a project. Business-analyst investigates client’s business, his/her marketing goals, designs project idea and composes detailed technical specification. Designer creates main concept of the website and draws required pages. The task of web developer is to convert designer’s draws into responsive HTML code, to think up and implement the transformation of the website on various mobile devices. The task of programmer in such a projects is layout implantation into standard CMS such as Joomla or WordPress, installation and tuning of additional components. QA engineer checks website for errors and its accordance to technical specification.


Such projects are different from the previous group due to involvement of highly specialized programmers who are engaged in implementation of non-standard tasks.


Large projects are social networks, online shops and other projects which contain big amount of pages with different design and different operating logic (for example Cart, Personal Account, calculators, comparison shopping, integrated payment systems etc.). Such projects start from idea elaboration. Further, business-analyst and prototype specialist develop operating logic and create project’s prototype, where the location of all elements on each page is drawn by lines. Database model and structure of administrative part of website are built. All the information is written in detailed technical specification. Design of main and inner pages is created, responsive HTML-coding is done, then the work is delivered to programming department. There our programmers develop website control system, write all necessary functions and implement HTML-coding, write javascripts which provide interactive user experience. Such a project goes through several testing, bug fixing and rework cycles, At the final stage our copywriters and content-managers fill website with content.

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